At Denison Practice, our psychologists provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic space to discuss difficulties that you face in your daily life. Our clinicians are highly experienced and trained in evidence-based professional therapeutic services to treat an array of mental health difficulties. At Denison Practice you can be ensured that our psychologists will be utilising a clinically sound therapeutic approach for any presenting issue and as such the tools you learn in therapy have been shown to provide symptom relief.

Our psychologists are highly committed to providing psychological care to our community that is individually tailored to an individual’s unique set of needs and our therapeutic style is one that this professional, warm and collaborative. We are committed to assisting individuals to achieve optimal mental health that is conducive to assisting them to thrive in their daily lives to achieve their goals and make positive long-lasting changes in their lives.

We offer a range of services including individual therapy, psychological assessments and clinical supervision. The psychologists at Denison Practice have extensive experience in providing psychotherapy and adhere to the code of conduct and ethics of the Australian Psychological Society.